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All of our staff are specially trained in crisis intervention and are adept at diffusing volatile situations. Using non-confrontational strategies, even an aggressive client can become compliant.

Not all of our clients are in crisis, however. Some need only guidance and an empathetic ear. We carefully match each client with staff that are best-suited to that person's needs and personality. While always being alert to safety issues, our goal is to minimize the client's stress during transport and to ease the transition to their destination.

Seatbelts always usedSecure Transportation of Oregon employs drivers and escorts with extensive backgrounds in Law Enforcement, Mental Health and Emergency Service. All employees have passed criminal history investigations, background checks, and drivers license reviews.

Staff receive continuing education and training in the areas of Defense Driver, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Management of Aggressive Behaviors, De-Escalation Methods, First Aid/CPR, HIPAA and Fraud Waste Abuse annual training, PASS, and further Emergency Situation Training. Annual training hours exceed requirements by the State of Oregon.


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