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More Information

We provide secure and/or medical transportion in a wide variety of situations. Whatever your transportation PeaceHealth Hospital at Riverbendneeds are, we can put together a team and plan that meets your specific challenges.

Who We Transport:

  • Psychiatric patients
  • Medical patients
  • High-risk adolescents
  • People with Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia
  • People displaying self-harming or aggressive behavior
Sacred Heart Medical Center

Where We Transport (to and from):

  • Hospitals
  • Mental Health Facilities
  • Subtance Abuse Treatment Centers or Programs
  • Outpatient Facilities
  • Residential Care Facilities
  • County Agencies
  • Court Hearings
  • Home countries (for repatriated patients)
  • Private homes
Secure Transportation of Oregon is authorized by Oregon Administrative Rule to accept custody of clients on a Peace Officer Hold or a County Mental Health Hold.


We accept payments from private insurance, county agencies, hospitals, private individuals, State of Oregon Medicaid, and the Department of Human Services. We also accept Visa.


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